The art of modern tapestry is a craft involving patience, attention to detail, and design interpretation. Even small pieces can take weeks to produce. Each one is unique and a reflection of the beauty and freedom of the weaving process.

I’m an avid maker and ardent dabbler in fiber craft. Small-format tapestry weaving allows me to combine visual art and tactile craft in one medium. Sitting at my loom is meditative inspiration, a way of connecting patterns and colors seen in the everyday with a challengingly slow, traditional craft. I weave both representational and abstract pieces from a “cartoon,” a line drawing or simplified photograph placed behind the warp as a guide. Color blends are created used multi-strand weft bundles. I’m endlessly inspired by backpacking trips, urban landscapes and architecture, passages in books, portraits of people and cats, and vintage stained glass.

I like to incorporate local elements into each tapestry to reflect the time and place it was made, whether that be in design or materials, much of it from the Northern California fibershed. I enjoy the process of making my own colors using natural dyes and even kitchen scraps, collected over many meals, so no two colors are ever alike and each one a surprise from pot to loom.