2014 in panos

January 12th, 2015


Lots of folks have been posting their recap of 2014 – though I don’t have any insights to share, I do have some fun panos that sum up my year quite nicely:

minarets pano sunrise


BACKPACKING. It’s Patrick’s favorite thing to do on the weekend, so whenever possible we tried to take a few days and hike our way into the backcountry. Lots of lake swimming, campfires, and SUNRISES. This year I started getting up earlier, or at least trying to, with more success. We also started running, in an effort to get more exercise but mostly so we could hike up those mountain passes without huffing and puffing so much. It paid off in the ability to enjoy these trips without ever feeling like it was a slog. Patrick knows all the best places to go (he does his research, oh boy), so every trip was awe-inspiring and restorative.


minarets pano


Speaking of, this trip to the Minarets was memorable. It was one of the few trips we did just the two of us, and I was sick with some sort of flu and didn’t think I would make it the first day. Luckily, after a long night’s rest, we were able to scale the mountain to the other side, coming down into a large crater-like lake. Beautiful, for all the slow picking and slippery, icy paths down. The views were spectacular from both sides, and it was a treat to wake up to those mountains each morning. You can bet we have a slew of backpacking trips planned in the new year.


tww pano

I joined our weavers guild Tapestry Weavers West & became inspired to commit myself to tapestry work. It’s slower, requires more from me as an artist, and likely won’t ever make me much money. But this studio and work from Berkeley couple Jean Pierre Larochette and Yael Lurie proved to be balm to my worries. It’s impossible not to feel incredibly supported and inspired by this group. I look forward to working with them even further in 2015, possibly with a group show.


iceland pano


My birthday this year in October was a real doozy – we took a double trip to the UK and ICELAND! Patrick was going for work, so I tagged along to spend countless hours in the London museums. I discovered a real love for David Hockney (his art philosophy re: photography and seeing resonated with me), Lucian Freud, and Meredith Frampton. I can honestly say I’ve got quite a thing for British artists. Iceland was a magical place, certainly the most stunning spot we’ve ever gone. Climbing all over this glacier above near Vik was a truly singular experience. I felt like a kid in a candy store, complete with a breathtaking sunset. Because we went late in the year, sunrises and sunsets were longer than we’re used to, making for some amazing photos. You really can’t take a bad picture in Iceland.







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